MacroView: Next Three Flash Points for the European Union (video)

The Next Three Flash Points for the European Union

Despite centrist or mainstream wins in elections in Germany, France and the Netherlands, support remains strong for nationalist, anti-immigrant and anti-EU parties across the bloc. Three critical issues could determine the future of the debate over Europe and the union: 1) immigration; 2) Eurozone; 3) defense. WSJ.com's Niki Blasina reports. Wall Street Journal (wsj.com) video above published Sep 26, 2017.

EU vs Ireland and Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL)

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ECB Extends Quantitative Easing
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  • European Central Bank To Extend Quantitative Easing? What Will This Do To Other Nations?  | SeekingAlpha.com"... It seems that there is an underlying rationale for the ECB extending its program of quantitative easing. The underlying rationale seems to be connected with the amount of bad loans that are on the books of eurozone banks ... This means that the Fed’s policy rate may be around 2.00 percent while the policy rates of the ECB continue to be where they are until early 2019. What will this do to exchange rates?..."--Professor John M. Mason

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