Digital Winners: Nvidia $NVDA & Halloween; Loser: Sheryl Sandberg (video)

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L2inc.com video above published Oct 26, 2017: Scott Galloway presents his latest take on digital "winners and losers"--

Winner: Nvidia, the company has released the first chip powerful enough to be used in the production of autonomous cars, sending its stock shooting up and proving that boring is sexy.
$NVDA shares up almost 184% over the past 12 months as of Oct 27, 2017
Loser: Sheryl Sandberg, who is fast becoming the information age's Sean Spicer by lying on behalf of her boss.

Winner: Halloween, on which Americans will spend $9 billion. 

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Transcript (auto-generated via YouTube.com):
00:00  a winner nvidia by the way my brand
00:04  strategy course I claim with confidence
00:07  that you can't build a successful
00:07  company without having a successful name
00:10  and this is proof that I am wrong the
00:12  company that builds processors and chips
00:14  for gaming and 3d graphics has released
00:17  the first chip powerful enough to be
00:19  used in the production of autonomous
00:21  cars processing power is one of the main
00:23  obstacles to mass production of
00:25  self-driving cars this new chip can
00:28  process 320 trillion operations per
00:32  second more than 10 times its
00:34  predecessors power by comparison the
00:36  cray-1 supercomputer used to render
00:39  graphics for the movie Tron did 160
00:42  million operations per second the
00:44  company's stock is soared a hundred and
00:46  seventy percent the past year boring a
00:49  sexy it's not about creating the first
00:51  self-driving car it's about creating the
00:53  chip or operating system that powers it
00:55  it's not about the minors it's about
00:57  selling them picks a loser Sheryl
01:00  Sandberg who is fast becoming the
01:01  Information Age Sean Spicer thrashing
01:04  her own credibility by lying on behalf
01:06  of her boss miss Sandberg and says
01:08  Facebook is not a media company earlier
01:11  this month she stated at our heart we
01:13  are a tech company we don't hire
01:16  journalists and last August Facebook is
01:19  focused on making tools it's not a media
01:21  company when your tools and technology
01:24  determined which new stories are seen by
01:26  45% of Americans who get their news from
01:28  your platform and more than 97% of your
01:32  revenues come from advertising against
01:34  those news stories boom you're a media
01:37  company here's a deal miss Sandberg will
01:39  lean in if you stop lying to us a winner
01:43  Halloween one in two Americans will
01:45  partake in Halloween's festivities this
01:47  year spending an estimated nine billion
01:50  dollars up 8% over 2016 while that pales
01:54  in comparison to Black Friday and
01:55  Christmas bending it's still impressive
01:58  given the consumers are throwing down
02:00  2.7 billion for nearly 600 million
02:03  pounds of candy and 3.4 billion for
02:06  costumes
02:12  banana Wonder Woman yo float - yo float
02:21  - yo float - what am I gonna be this
02:28  year the same thing I am every year
02:31  drunk we'll see you next week
02:34  [Music]

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