ICANN, unlimited gTLDs, the Deluge, Your Domain Name Strategy

I came across the following Canadian article (at link below, excerpt follows), some wise advice for brand owners and domain name owners --

Holy .cow!! - Ottawa Business Journal - blogarticle: " . . .The deluge of new Top Level Domains (TLDs) has begun! Top level domains are the ones after the dot...After years of debate, discussion and compromise between different players in the internet space (governments; business; technical; non-commercial; registrars; registries; IP), the Board of Directors of ICANN reached a decision to open up the “root”... to an unlimited number of new TLDs including International Domain Names (IDNs) in languages that are NOT written in western (Latin) alphabets...What does it mean? Why should you care?... monitoring the cyber marketplace against “cyber-criminals” will become more challenging than ever. There are strategies you should be considering such as ... Developing a cost effective internet trade-mark/domain name strategy designed for YOUR company. In many cases this will require little effort and little or no cost. However, for those companies with international presence through sales or otherwise, some serious thought and some action may be very prudent...." (read full article at link above)

What's your strategy?
Mine? Purely defensive.

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