Why the new gTLDs are mostly a #FAIIL

The Wall Street Journal tried to spin it for the new gTLDs, but found out "that dog won't hunt" --

... Many small-business owners consider the annual cost of a Web address—which can range from $10 to thousands of dollars—to be an investment in keeping their brands visible. But some are skeptical, especially those who have already committed funds to marketing their existing Web addresses. Jay Sofer, founder of a small locksmith service in New York, says he's spent tens of thousands of dollars to advertise Lockbustersnyc.com, since he started the business in 2008. Letting existing and potential customers know about a new address for his company—no matter how clever—would mean having "to start from scratch" to get the word out, he says. Another concern is that the new domains will fail to resonate with consumers. After all, extensions such as .info, .mobi and .biz have been around for years, and aren't very popular. And nowadays, most search engines have made it possible for Internet users to simply type a small business's name without including an extension like .com and still get to the website they're seeking ... Wall Street Journal - Sell Bikes? There's a Web Domain for That (read more at link above)

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