China.com, among highest domain name sales, relaunched

Acquired for HK$90.8 million in August last year (equivalent to US $11,707,025.60 as of January 20, 2014) from China.com Inc. by a holding company owned by the broadcaster China Radio International. The domain Hongkong.com was also acquired (source infra) --

China.com, among world's most costly domain names, relaunched to boost Beijing's voice | South China Morning Post: "...It is unclear how many other internet domains have ever been sold at a higher price. In 2010, an Internet marketing company bought Insurance.com for US$35.6 million. Vacationrentals.com and PrivateJet.com have also been sold for more than US$30 million. Sex.com was sold for US$13 million, according to Sedo, the online domain brokerage that facilitated the sale. Among all ".com" domains carrying a sovereign nation's name, China.com appears to be the most expensive to date. Russia.com was sold for US$1.5 million in 2009, Korea for US$5 million in 2000...."

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