ICANN, Greedsters, new gTLDs, and the BIG LIE

First the BIG LIE --

New Web suffixes set to enter market - Erin Mershon - POLITICO.com: “... For a lot of businesses, we’ve just simply run out of available names,” said Cyrus Namazi, vice president for industry engagement at ICANN. “You won’t find [the name you want] in a .com or .net. You have to hyphenate something or change your string.”

That's not true. Guess what I buy, and only buy? Hand reg dot coms! They are available all over the place. And dot net -- hardly touched! What a bunch of BS is being spewed by ICANN, Cyrus Namazi, and the greedsters behind the new gTLDs.

But let's continue:

But others argue the program will mainly create a host of new jobs for lawyers . . . without adding much value to the Internet. Consumers aren’t clamoring for the new names . . . “Half the time [consumers] type Facebook into their search bar anyway,” said Esther Dyson, a former ICANN chairman who opposed the expansion. “I don’t think it’s adding a huge amount of value. Adding [these strings] is likely just to get confusing.” Dyson sees much more value in a less glitzier aspect of the expansion — the addition of internationalized domain names.

Now the truth:

Even the most aggressive applicants say they aren’t aiming to knock .com off its perch, at least right away. “Even though the Internet is only about 20 years old, our minds have been programmed, for all practical purposes, to end our urls with a .com,” Namazi said. “And for that mindset to change, it’s going to take some time.” Read more: http://www.politico.com/story/2013/12/new-web-suffixes-set-to-enter-market-101601.html#ixzz2oyxa3zyJ

-- John Poole, Domain Mondo, January 5, 2014

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