Naming Your Startup, Do Not Cut Corners

Startups should lay a solid foundation with a good domain name -- a dot com or 2 letter country code if outside the US --

Naming Your Startup? Don't Stress About the Domain Name | Inc.com: "Aaron Patzer built his company Mint.com into a $170 million business in just two years. How did he do it? In part, he has credited the company’s short and memorable domain name, Mint.com. "Trust is a complex thing. There are some people you will never convince, and who to this day won’t buy anything online. A few things really help. One is the domain name. Mint.com is quality, it’s a place where money is made, it’s short and spelled unambiguously. It’s a very good brand name for what we’re doing. We spent three months, hundreds of hours, and more money than I care to comment on for that domain - but it was worth it," he explained in an interview...." (read more at the link above)

Trust = dot com

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