New gTLDs, prepare for coming criminal abuse and scams

ICANN's imprudent and massive proliferation and flooding of the domain name market is the cyber criminal's and cyber abuser's dream come true. ICANN has now enabled criminal cybergangs to launch multiple sites with hundreds of different extensions, all engaged in criminal activity and other wrongful activity.

"Cybercriminal abuse cases increase every year. In fact, Google discovered that an average of 9,500 new malicious websites were registered daily in 2012 alone. These sites were either innocent websites that were compromised by malicious authors or built with the specific intention of distributing malware or phishing. This affects trademark holders whose reputations are at stake." - See more at: http://www.websitemagazine.com/content/blogs/posts/pages/new-tlds-how-to-protect-yourself-against-online-vulnerabilities.aspx#sthash.ZAF6LyuE.dpuf

If there were 9,500 cases in 2012 alone, when only 22 gTLDs existed, what do you think is going to happen once all of the new gTLDs launch? If you do not have a domain strategy in place to deal with the chaos and criminality unleashed by ICANN upon the internet--it is time to develop a strategy to deal with the coming criminal and abusive activity.

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