Left of the Dot, Right of the Dot, A Name is a Name is a Name

gTLDs: Rebellion at the Dotcom Kingdom: "... Understanding Naming: So long any one can name, learn to identify the difference between professional and amateurish naming, learn the various methodologies and types and styles of naming, create a formal balanced logical approach and eliminate widely random name selection exercises. Seek out the best articles from the thousands on the Internet and study few books. Lead the teams and create iconic naming and follow the five star standard of naming. All of this can be done as the future of your name identity and its image presence depends on it...."

The basic problem with ICANN's new gTLDs is that ICANN did nothing new! And this is the basic problem that undermines the whole new gTLDs movement -- Right of the Dot, Left of the Dot, A Name is a Name is a Name. "Oh, but I want my name to be my extension"--really? Why? You don't want to lead with your brand name but instead some sub-category? Dumb!  ____.pepsi??? What goes in the blank? Soda? Bottle? OK, "diet" could work. But wouldn't it be better to drive the mass audience to your kingdom--your dot com-- and then entice them to buy more than they would otherwise? That's what Amazon does with Amazon.com! Time will tell.

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