What’s In a Domain Name? You Better Find Out BEFORE You Buy!

You like two character country code domain names like .TV and .CO ? How about a .SY or .SU ? Read the following article about .eh --

What’s In a Domain Name? A Real-Life Civil War — War is Boring — Medium: " . . . a Massachusetts businessman acquired the rights to the .nu domain—the country-code for the impoverished Pacific island of Niue. Because “nu” is Swedish for “now,” the domain turned into a multimillion-dollar business for the businessman . . . who charged Swedish companies for the marketable domain name’s use. On a darker note, the derelict .su domain name, assigned to the Soviet Union in 1990, has become a haven for online crime. . . ." (read full article at first link above)

If you stray from buying a dot Com name, and opt for a 2 character country code domain name, or any of the new gTLDs, you better know (in addition to all other due diligence, history, trademark clearances, etc.), what nation you are buying into, the registry, the registrar, all of the requirements, the costs, the applicable laws and jurisdiction, and all other risks--for example: They Clicked With Investors—Now What? Who Will Win the Race to Sell Art Online? | Gallerist: " . . .Artsy, which hit 27,627 (its traffic possibly hindered by the fact it had to change its URL in early 2013 to Artsy.net, since its older, trendier URL Art.sy was technically based in Syria . . ."

Caveat Emptor!

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