ICANN's new gTLDS attract little interest from higher education

Maybe the "brains" know something --

ICANN's personalized domain names attracts little interest from higher education | Inside Higher Ed: " . . . The requirements are proving too onerous for many institutions, however, including the ones that can afford to pay for them. In addition to Monash, only two other universities applied in 2012: Bond University and La Trobe University, both also in Australia. Stanford University considered applying but found the costs too prohibitive, said spokeswoman Lisa Lapin, who cited a $200,000 price tag that didn’t include annual fees. “We also want to remain in the .edu space for its widely recognized, official confirmation that we are an educational institution,” Lapin said in an email. “As with most universities, we do use a few .org domains, including for athletics and Stanford Medicine, when the activity is not always directly related to our academic mission.”... If elite universities are turning down generic domain names, they may have limited significance in higher education -- especially since institutions that share a name with a region or a city may not be able to register theirs. The University of Georgia system, for example, would likely face objections from not only the state, but also the country. . . ."

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