Buy a new gTLD domain name? Most are saying "No"

New gTLDs--to buy or not?

"The expansion is not the first time ICANN, the organization which manages the domains, has added new ones. Additions like .biz for businesses or .xxx for the porn industry have seen minimal adoption. When Irvine Bicycles on Irvine Center Drive changed ownership in 2009, the shop went with that name and bought the URL irvinebicycles.com. Peter Gerrard, who handles the shop's marketing and sales, said that if it did buy a .bike version of the name, it would only be to redirect web traffic to the existing site. "Most of the business we get is referrals from customers," said Gerrard. "We don't do a lot of Internet business. "Do we feel a compelling need to get this done? No" source: BusinessWeek

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