Domain Seizure, Just One Problem With Leasing Your Domain Names

Better know who your lessee is, and have an air-tight contract (and be prepared to pay litigation costs to enforce it), otherwise risk losing your domain name --

Europol Seizes 690 Domains In Cyber Monday Crackdown: "Cyber Monday sellers pushing counterfeit goods taken offline by Europol and international partners . . . Europol, along with othr law enforcement agencies round the world, has shut down 690 domains allegedly being used by crooks to sell counterfeit goods. The Transatlantic 3 operation, also known as Project Cyber Monday IV, has seen 297 domain name seizures in the US, with another 393 in Belgium, Denmark, France, Hungary, Romania, Spain and the United Kingdom. A similar Europol project last year saw 132 domains seized..."

Of course there are many other risks involved when you lease or allow others to use your domain name. Consult a qualified attorney before you enter into an agreement.

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