New gTLD domain names, exorbitant prices, ICANN Incompetence

From the ICANN "you can't make this stuff up" department --

Takeaways From Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) 49 in Singapore | The National Law Review: "ICANN used the term "technical glitch" to excuse its delays in publication of TLD startup data cutting into the 30 days' notice that brand owners are supposed to receive prior to each new gTLD launch. In addition, the ICANN Contractual Compliance Department expressed an inability to take any remedial action against new gTLD applicants advertising exorbitant domain name prices to vitiate sunrise protections or pre-registration programs that sidestep fulsome trademark claims notices. Such practices are best evidenced by Vox Populi Registry Inc., an applicant for the .SUCKS gTLD, which plans to charge $25,000 for each premium sunrise registration."

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That price really is extremely high. That is too much to pay just to register a domain name. Surely, customers will just go where they receive good service for a more reasonable price.

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