Best Advice on the Internet about Selecting a Domain Name

It may not be what ICANN or most domain name industry hucksters want to hear, but here is the best advice on the web about selecting a domain name:

"Don’t build your brand on .co or any other alternative gTLD. Find an appealing, easy-to-spell, and pronunceable .com. They can still be hand-regged (with some intensive search) or purchased on the aftermarket." (source: Ms Domainer comment )

Find an appealing, easy-to-spell, pronounceable dot com domain name.

.COM Domains - Registrar Namecheap: "The gold standard of domain names. The .com domain is the oldest and most popular TLD (top-level domain) on the internet. It's the gold standard for businesses and the first thing people think of when they go searching online. If a user doesn't know your exact web address, chances are he or she will type in your business name followed by ".com." Visibility and credibilitythat's why .com domain names are in demand."

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