New Top-Level Domains, Worthless Advice, here's a good example

Worthless Biased Advice on New Top-Level Domains (gTLD domain names) - here's a good example:

Web Sites - What the New Top-Level Domains Mean for Marketers : MarketingProfs Article: "In a survey of brand managers who have applied for new TLDs, 83% said they felt the engagement opportunities available with a branded TLD would be more effective with consumers than with a third-party environment."

Any data to back-up what the "brand managers" "felt." None. Nada. This is called optimism bias and confirmation bias (see yesterday's post). There is absolutely NOTHING to support or justify what the above "brand managers" opined or "felt" other than the fact that they had already applied for new branded gTLDs themselves! Suckers!

It reminds me of the idiots who are running around telling other big lies, like how Google search will give a preference to the new gTLDs -- no, wrong again. If you listen to Matt Cutts of Google search, you will stick with dot com domain names.

Caveat Emptor.

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