What Are You Selling ICANN? Who Are ICANN's Customers? (ICANN video) Hint: It's NOT Domain Registrants nor Internet Users

An Interview with Akram Atallah on the Global Domains Division | 14 June 2013 -
ICANN’s Brad White interviews Akram Atallah, President of the ICANN Global Domains Division, on the creation of a Generic Domains Division his new role as President and his thoughts on new gTLDs as they near delegation. (June 14, 2013)

Unbelievable! -- in the video above ICANN's President of the Global Domains Division refers (more than once) to Registry Operators and Registrars as ICANN's "Customers". Watch and listen as this guy explains the new gTLDs program from his ICANN perspective and why his goal is to put the compliance division of ICANN "out-of-business" (@2:28-2:48) -- (as if ICANN compliance does much of anything, anyway.)

For more on how dysfunctional ICANN is in this era of new gTLDsIs It ICANN's Job To Market New gTLD Domain Names?

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