Will ICANN Board Disclose New Swiss Legal Structure at ICANN 50?

Will ICANN Be The Next International Organisation In Geneva? | Intellectual Property Watch | 2 March 2014: "During a visit to France last week, Fadi Chehadé, the CEO and president of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), announced that his Board of Directors has given him the green light to further explore reforms of ICANN. Among them is the possibility of creating a parallel ICANN international structure, likely based in Geneva... A resolution of the ICANN Board from 17 February created presidential advisory groups [pdf] established to work on five issues. One advisory group will explore the idea to “Establish complementary parallel international structure to enhance ICANN’s global legitimacy.” Although the document does not refer to Geneva, Chehadé in several talks during his visit in France strongly referred to that possibility.... Interviewed by France Culture radio program “Place de la toile” [program in French] on 22 February, Chehadé explained that he would like to see the creation of a parallel structure for ICANN under the Swiss legal system...." See also Fadi Chehade in this 21 Feb 2014 hearing before the French Senate (video in French).

So will the ICANN Board of Directors disclose to the global multistakeholder community its plans to change (or create a parallel) ICANN legal structure under Swiss law at the ICANN 50 London Meeting as directed in ICANN Board Resolution 2014.02.17.01, adopted February 17, 2014?

"President’s Globalization Advisory Group on: Legal StructureEstablish complimentary parallel international structure to enhance ICANN’s global legitimacy. Consider complementary parallel international structure within scope of ICANN’s mandate. Composition: Sébastien Bachollet; Olga Madruga-Forti; Erika Mann; Gonzalo Navarro; Ray Plzak" (source: ICANN pdf).

Approved Board Resolutions | Special Meeting of the ICANN Board of Directors on February 17, 2014:
Resolution 2014.02.17.01 ".... Whereas, the continued globalization of ICANN must evolve in several ways, including: ... evolving the policy structures to serve and scale to the needs of the global community, and identify opportunities for the future legal structures and IANA globalization.... Whereas, as part of its continued globalization efforts, ICANN should establish certain "President's Globalization Advisory Groups" composed of Board members to address the following areas: Affirmation of Commitments ("AOC"), policy structures, legal structure, root server system, the IANA multistakeholder accountability, and Internet governance.

"Resolved (2014.02.17.01), the Board approves the creation of several President's Globalization Advisory Groups in order to support further ICANN globalization... The President's Globalization Advisory Groups will then make recommendations to the Board, which the Board will report during ICANN 50 London Meeting. These Advisory Groups will deal with the following topics:... policy structures; legal structure;... Internet governance... the President and CEO shall have the authority to change the Advisory Groups and their composition from time to time, without requiring a further resolution.

"RATIONALE FOR RESOLUTION 2014.02.17.01...The continued globalization of ICANN must evolve in several ways, including:... identify opportunities for the future legal structures and IANA globalization. This is an Organizational Administrative Function for which public comment is not required."

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