Wharton School Marketing Professor says ICANN's New gTLD domain names are an "utter waste of time"

If you want to operate a domain name "cemetery" -- you know, a website that doesn't get much internet traffic -- one of ICANN's hundreds of new vanity gTLD domain names may be for you! The vast majority of ICANN's new gTLD domain names will be an "utter waste of time" says University of Pennsylvania Wharton School marketing professor Peter Fader, co-director of the Wharton Customer Analytics Initiative (source infra).

Domain Name Land Rush: More Room for Companies, Competition and Scam Artists » Knowledge@Wharton: “...“The suffix itself is not an outdated technology, but as more and more people go to mobile devices, the way of interacting with the Internet is moving [away] from URLs.”...Wharton marketing professor Stephen J. Hoch is likewise unconvinced by the potential of gTLDs as an enormous advance... “Moreover, with search and automatic filling in of email addresses, it is not clear that the brands, at least big brands, would be affected either. People are not really thinking about anything that comes after the period.” “I think we have all learned by now that you have to be creative with what’s to the left of the dot,” says Fader. “You can’t hide behind the right side of the dot as a lack of creativity to differentiate your brand... Fader acknowledges that given all the different ways markets and sectors work, “there must be some legitimate uses out there, but it will be a teeny, tiny fraction of suffixes to which that applies. For the vast majority, it will be an utter waste of time.”

An utter waste of time, and an unbelievable waste of money! (see: ICANN, new gTLD domain names, and the Law of Bad Ideas)

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