GNSO Calls for Independent Accountability Body to Oversee ICANN

On the final day of ICANN 50 meeting in London, the GNSO (Generic Names Supporting Organization) issued a call for independent oversight of ICANN, and received extended applause from those present:

Call for independent accountability body to oversee ICANN - Blog - World Trademark Review: "In a rare instance of consensus amongst the Generic Names Supporting Organisation’s (GNSO) various stakeholder groups, the leaders of the body’s committee today called for the creation of an independent accountability mechanism that “provides meaningful review and adequate redress for those harmed by ICANN action or inaction in contravention of an agreed upon compact with the community”...
"We need an independent accountability structure that holds the ICANN Board, staff and various stakeholder groups accountable under ICANN's governing documents, serves as an ultimate review of Board/staff decisions, and through the creation of precedent, creates prospective guidance for the board, the staff, and the entire community...."
(read more at the World Trademark Review)

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