FCC Net Neutrality, Open Internet Rules In Effect, DC Court Denies Stay

DC Circuit refused to grant a stay to the telecom industry over new net neutrality rules that forbid throttling, paid prioritization or blocking certain websites, or from giving “fast lane” treatment to preferred websites--
“This is a huge victory for Internet consumers and innovators! Starting Friday, there will be a referee on the field to keep the Internet fast, fair and open. Blocking, throttling, pay-for-priority fast lanes and other efforts to come between consumers and the Internet are now things of the past. The rules also give broadband providers the certainty and economic incentive to build fast and competitive broadband networks.”--FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler
The DC Circuit Court of Appeals handed a victory--see Order below--to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) on Thursday by refusing to grant a request by the telecom industry to suspend net neutrality rules that went into effect Friday. The "Open Internet" rules, passed by the FCC in February, have been challenged in Federal Court by AT&T, Comcast and Verizon, and other internet service providers (ISPs). A full hearing on the issue is scheduled for later this year.

more information:
Open Internet | FCC.gov: The FCC’s rules protecting an Open Internet are now in effect.
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Order Denying Stay[1]

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