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United States Senate Schedule for Tuesday, Jun 02, 2015
Convene and resume consideration of H.R.2048, the USA FREEDOM Act re: NSA Surveillance

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As reported by RollCall, the Senate voted 83-14 to limit debate on the USA Freedom Act which resurrects and revises some of the lapsed Patriot Act - NSA surveillance provisions. Final vote on the bill is expected later today. However the Senate plans amendments to the House legislation (HR 2048) which will continue the revived provisions for between 6 months and one year. However, the legislation as amended and approved by the U.S. Senate today will "face an uncertain fate in the House, which passed the USA Freedom Act by a substantial margin prior to last week’s recess."

Archived US Senate video: http://www.senate.gov/floor/index.htm

see also: Rand Paul, Ron Wyden, and the End of the 9/11 Terror Fog - Hit & Run : Reason.com"... the debate over The Patriot Act, including the reformist USA Freedom Act, shows that the country, including politicians in both major parties, are moving into a new and hopefully more reality-based discussion of countering terrorist threats to America. It may be taking too long for many of us, but compared to other past examples, we're practically moving at warp speed."

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