The World Is Defined By Mobile Devices, Fast Networks, Clouds (video)

What Analysts Are Missing on Cloud Computing Services - Activate [activate.com] Co-Founder Michael Wolf discusses cloud computing and the success of Amazon’s web business. He speaks on “Bloomberg Surveillance” (source: Bloomberg 24 April 2015).

Amazon said in its first-quarter earnings report that its cloud division, Amazon Web Services, had revenue of $1.57 billion during the first three months of the year. What is more unusual at a company that often reports losses, the cloud business is generating substantial profits. The company said its operating income from AWS was $265 million. (source NYTimes.com) $AMZN

We live in a world defined by mobile devices, fast networks, and clouds--

"... As for Google, the cloud was barely mentioned in its earnings call... Nor did the search giant offer any cloud numbers ... but the enthusiasm of Eric Schmidt, Google’s executive chairman, was manifest when he spoke at an event for cloud software developers --"The entire world will be defined by smartphones, Android or Apple, a very fast network, and cloud computing," he said, comparing the move to the cloud to the 20-year period in which Microsoft and Intel dominated computing, or the web revolution that created Google. “The space is very large, very vast, and no one is covering all of it.”" (NYTimes.com, supra)

Top cloud providers:
Amazon Web Services  aws.amazon.com
Microsoft Azure  azure.microsoft.com
Google Cloud  cloud.google.com
see also:
IBM  ibm.com/cloud
HP  hpcloud.com
Rackspace  rackspace.com
Aliyun  aliyun.com

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