ICANN Public Forum Video Replay, ICANN 53, Buenos Aires

Session starts at 7:20 - ICANN Public Forum - ICANN 53 (June 25, 2015)

ICANN Public Forum | ICANN53 | Buenos Aires: "The public forum is the Community's opportunity to make comments and ask questions on the main topics at each meeting directly to the Board and in front of the rest of the community. For transparency, a scribe feed is provided both in the room and via remote participation in real-time to allow all comments and questions raised during the session to be viewed by everyone. Remote participants have the opportunity to raise questions and/or comments can occur via email."

Time Restrictions:
Each speaker will get two chances to address the specific issue as it is discussed.
2-Minutes to make initial remarks.
2-Minutes minutes later in the queue for any possible follow-up remarks.
Time restrictions will be strictly adhered to.
In an effort to facilitate as many questions as possible, Board responses are limited to the same time restrictions as the community, specifically 2-minutes.
Board responses to follow-up questions will also be limited to 2-minutes.

Who Should Attend? All members of the ICANN Community.

Agenda Details:
Welcome & Explanation of rules of the Public Forum
Time – 15-minutes (14:00-14:15)
Presenter: Steve Crocker
Welcome Comments
Brad White explains participation rules
Subject: New gTLD Program
Time – 1 Hour (14:15-15:15)
Board Facilitator – Cherine Chalaby
Subject: IANA Stewardship Transition / Enhancing ICANN Accountability
Time – 55 Minutes (15:15-16:10)
Board Facilitator – Suzanne Woolf
Recognition video
Time – 5 Minutes (16:10-16:15)
Introduction – Steve Crocker
Time – 10 minutes (16:15-16:25)
Presentation about ICANN54 Dublin
Time – 10-minutes (16:25-16:35)
Any subjects of community interest
Time – 55-Minutes (16:35-17:30)
Board Facilitator – Gonzal Navarro

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