Web.com (NASDAQ:WWWW) Stock Hit by Citigroup Downgrade

screenshot of WWWW stock hit by Citigroup downgrade
WWWW stock hit by Citigroup downgrade (source: google.com)
A downgrade of  domain name registrar Web.com (NASDAQ: WWWW) to neutral by Citigroup hit the stock hard this morning. The registrar and web services provider provides domain name registration services through Web.com, NetworkSolutions.com and Register.com. As of yesterday's close, the stock had risen 60% from a late-January low of $14.52, but shares have remained far below a 52-week high of $34.79.

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UPDATE: Citi Cuts Web.com To Hold, No Justification For Premium Multiple - Tech Trader Daily - Barrons.comfrom the Citigroup note: "Through the next few quarters better renewals in the core .COM/.NET domain business from TTM should help, but we worry that weaker recent domain trends coupled with a growing gTLD renewal base that came in via promotional pricing could reverse momentum."

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