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London technology companies are trying to narrow the gap with Silicon Valley. Startups in the city attracted about $800 million of funding from U.S. investors alone last year, according to Mayor Boris Johnson’s office. London Technology Week starts at the Shard and the aim is to beat that figure as the city tries to establish itself as a world technology capital. The number of companies in London’s digital technology industry has grown by 46 percent since the launch of the Tech City programme five years ago, according to figures produced by Oxford Economics. The tech firms now employ almost 200,000 people, 17 percent more than in 2010, it said. A dedicated online hub for the digital industry, sponsored by International Business Machines Corp. and created by Gust LLC, is the Tech.London website includes London’s latest startups, investors, jobs and more. Source: Bloomberg

Bloomberg Technology Conference: Smarter Cities: June 18, 2015, at Bloomberg HQ, Finsbury Square, London: Agenda and Speakers (also see below)--In Partnership with London Technology Week:
  • How the Internet of Things and the collection of vast amounts of data is changing services and citizens experiences beyond recognition
  • How robots could transform the nature of work and what cities stand to lose if they don’t move fast and move smart
  • Whether driverless transport is the future of getting around cities and what that means for existing transport services
  • How wearable technology will disrupt existing health services and reveal the next big innovation in health tech
  • How GPS mesh networks will mean the end of traffic jams – and the economic consequences of failing to invest
  • How we can nurture home grown talent and businesses to ensure the next big thing comes out of London
9:00 - 9:10 am Welcome Remarks - Nate Lanxon, Senior Editor, Bloomberg EMEA

9:10 - 9:15 am Urbanisation as a catalyst for innovation - Video address from Michael Bloomberg, Founder, Bloomberg L.P. and UN Special Envoy for Cities and Climate Change

9:15 - 9:25am The London Perspective - A senior representative from the Greater London Authority discusses how London, currently a global leader, can stay ahead of its competition by investing in its people, services and businesses.
Andrew Collinge, Assistant Director, Intelligence and Analysis, Greater London Authority
Chair: Caroline Hyde, European Business Correspondent, Bloomberg TV

9:25 – 9.55am The Smartest Cities - Europe on the global stage - Leaders from two of Europe’s smartest and greenest cities, London and Amsterdam, share their triumphs, challenges and plans for future innovations. With the UK’s ongoing uncertainty over EU status and continued economic turbulence, what are key European cities doing to continue competing on the global stage.
Ger Baron, Chief Technology Officer, City of Amsterdam
Andrew Collinge, Assistant Director, Intelligence and Analysis, Greater London Authority
Chair: Caroline Hyde, European Business Correspondent, Bloomberg TV

9.55 – 10:05am The future of work: Jobs and smarter cities - Katherine will share insights from her tenure as New York’s Commissioner of Media and Entertainment. She’ll discuss how strong growth in media and tech industries can create massive opportunities to reduce unemployment and how technology may transform the future of work for our societies.
Speaker: Katherine Oliver, Principal, Media and Technology, Bloomberg Associates

10:05 – 10:45am Smarter Cities, Healthier Cities - As cities become increasingly crowded, societies older and public service budgets more squeezed; technology in cities must create smarter solutions for healthier urban communities. As a society we are working harder and longer with the retirement age creeping up across the continent and our services aren’t working. We have no other choice but to transform the delivery of services to meet society’s needs.
Cities must take advantage of new technologies to deliver services to keep our cities healthy – hear from the pioneers making it happen.
Julie Alexander, Urban Development Director, Siemens plc
Kris Flautner, General Manager, Internet of Things Business, ARM
Jen Hyatt, Founder and CEO, Big White Wall
Jessica Federer, Chief Digital Officer, Bayer
Chair: Anna Edwards, Anchor, Bloomberg TV

10:45 – 10:55am Smarter cities/smarter citizens: the future of urban advertising - William will share insights on how consumer and business behaviour and interaction could transform the smart cities of the future. He'll also discuss the role advertising has in creating, developing and maintaining smart cities.
William Eccleshare, Chairman and CEO, Clear Channel International
Chair: Anna Edwards, Anchor, Bloomberg TV
10:55 - 11:15am Networking break

11:15 – 11:55pm Keeping Cities Mobile - Mobility and congestion are challenges for all cities and increasing mass urbanization requires better use of essential resources and control of city infrastructure.Technology is enabling better, faster and cheaper ways to get around but improvement, particularly of older infrastructure requires collaboration and major investment. Transport services in cities must be intelligent and seamless, understanding the needs, preferences, and behaviours of people and businesses to enable high productivity and economic growth.

Scott Sedlik, General Manager and Vice President EMEA, INRIX
Will Judge, Head of Urban Mobility, Mastercard Enterprise Partnerships
Omid Ashtari, General Manager, Citymapper
Matthew Hudson,Head of Business Development, Transport for London
Chair: Caroline Hyde, European Business Correspondent, Bloomberg TV

11:55 – 12:05pm Smart solutions for the congestion challenge. - Alicia Agius, Project Lead, GoDrive - will share highlights of Ford’s new car sharing scheme, just one of their pioneering smart mobility global experiments. The company is using innovation to solve growing global transportation challenges and as a result changing the perceptions of automotive manufacturers.
Chair: Caroline Hyde, European Business Correspondent, Bloomberg TV

12:05 – 12:45pm Emissions, efficiency and the energy challenge for cities - City leaders have to find ways to make cities greener and more sustainable and businesses are under obligation to help the EU reach the 2020 energy efficiency targets. Cities have to employ practical solutions to meet both citizens and business’ needs, whether it’s smart metering, renewable energy or behavioural change, cities have to adapt to the challenge of using energy in a smarter way.
Richard Brys, CEO & Co-Founder, Utilidex
Kassir Hussain, Director of Connected Homes, British Gas
Kevin Austin, Deputy Executive Director, C40
David Hill, Business Development Director, Open Energi
Chair: Ed Robinson, Senior Writer, Bloomberg Markets Magazine

12:45 – 12:55pm How can people power smarter cities - Laurence will share how their flooring technology converts the wasted kinetic energy of people’s footsteps into renewable energy and consider whether this technology could power our cities in the future.
Speaker: Laurence Kemball-Cook, Founder and CEO, Pavegen
Chair: Ed Robinson, Senior Writer, Bloomberg Markets Magazine
12:55 – 2:15pm Networking lunch

2:15- 2:55pm Even the smartest cities aren’t immune to disaster… What happens when smart cities go wrong? - It’s not only natural disasters that cities have to contend with, although flooding, earthquakes, typhoons and rising sea levels are very real threats to global cities. City leaders and businesses need to be aware of the very real threat of terrorism and cyber-attacks. Cyber-attacks can disable everything from communications and transport to banking and utilities creating chaos for urban environments and catastrophe for markets. This session will highlight the key strategies for contingency planning when a panel of experts is faced with a simulated cyber-attack.

Justin Lyon, CEO, Simudyne
Carlos Moreira, Chairman, Chief Executive and Founder, WISeKey
Penney Frohling, Partner, Financial Services Advisory, EY
Nick Trim, Commercial Director, Darktrace
Moderator: Nate Lanxon, Senior Editor, Bloomberg EMEA

2:55 – 3:35pm The London Effect: Threats to growth - Although London has a place on the global stage there are still major threats to its continued success. The most prominent are the new Government’s promise of a referendum on the UK’s position in Europe, anti-immigration sentiment, a lack of affordable housing, Victorian infrastructure systems and massive gaps in income equality. If London doesn’t adapt and deal with these weaknesses it will fall behind in its position as the global financial centre. The London Effect: Spreading the wealth--London based innovation ensures the capital retains its competitive edge but smart cites must spread their tech and wealth to achieve national growth. The nation must create more success stories like the Bristol and Bath tech hubs and the Northern Power House to really stimulate growth and investment.
Russ Shaw, Founder, Tech London Associates
Gerard Grech, Chief Executive Officer, Tech City UK
Claire Cockerton, Founder, CEO and Chairwoman, ENTIQ
Mark Harrop, Director of Business Development, BT Group
Chair: Caroline Hyde, European Business Correspondent, Bloomberg TV

3:35 - 4:15pm The Internet of Everything: Joined up thinking to join the dots - Technology, services, citizens and departments must collaborate to achieve truly smart outcomes, but in reality how does that work and what does the future of joined up thinking look like? Services can no longer be planned and run in silos when linked up smart technology can produce more efficient and effective services. Smart cities must be connected both strategically and physically and the collaboration of public and private needs to get smarter or we’ll fall behind.
Michael Dixon, General Manager, IBM Smarter Cities
Usman Haque Founder, Umbrellium and Thingful
Indi Sall, IT Technical Director, NG Bailey
Phil Smith, CEO, Cisco UK and Ireland
Chair: Nate Lanxon, Senior Editor, Bloomberg EMEA

4:15pm Closing Remarks
4:45pm Afternoon tea
5:30pm Conference Concludes

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