Brad Katsuyama, IEX Trading, Disrupting Stock Markets, HFT (videos)

Wall Street Week | Episode 13 | Brad Katsuyama, Steven Einhorn - This July 19th episode of Wall Street Week features Brad Katsuyama, co-founder and CEO of IEX Trading and subject of Michael Lewis' best-selling book "Flash Boys," and Steven Einhorn, Vice Chairman of Omega Advisors. Topics include high-frequency trading (HFT), market structure, and economic and investment outlook. Einhorn believes this bull market has at least 2 more years to run. According to Einhorn, historically, equity (stock) markets continue to increase for 30 months following the first interest rate increase by the Fed (some believe the Fed will begin increasing rates later this year) and Einhorn says this economic expansion could continue for several more years based on factors he follows. See also the IEX video below.

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Topics: HFT, high-frequency trading, algorithmic trading, markets, spoofing, economy, investing, cycles of rules(regs)-loopholes-scandals, transparency of information, complexity favors insiders, arbitrage, dark pools, the public interest

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See also: Flash Boys: Changing Wall Street from Ellevate on Vimeo -  fireside chat with with Sallie Krawcheck and Brad Katsuyama features discussions about IEX, electronic trading, changing Wall Street, and making a difference while still making money.

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