ALAC Withdraws Support for CCWG's Proposed ICANN Membership Model

Today at ICANN 54, meeting in Dublin, Ireland, ALAC, ICANN's At-Large Advisory Committee, which represents individual Internet users throughout the world, withdrew its support for the Membership model for ICANN, proposed by CCWG-Accountability in its 2nd draft Report (pdf). Alan Greenberg, Chair of the At-Large Advisory Committee posted the following on the public mail list of CCWG-Accountability on Sunday (emphasis added):

Sent: Sunday, October 18, 2015
To: CCWG Accountability
Subject: [CCWG-ACCT] ALAC Statement on proposed accountability models

In its formal response to the CCWG-Accountability proposal issued in August 2015, the ALAC said that it could support the model being proposed, but preferred something far less complex and lighter-weight, and that we saw no need for the level of enforceability that the proposal provided.

Moreover, the ALAC had specific concerns with the budget veto and the apparent lack of participation of perhaps a majority of AC/SOs.

In light of the reconsideration of a designator model by the CCWG, along with the recommendations of the Saturday morning break-out sessions, the ALAC felt that a revised statement was in order.

Accordingly we decided, by a unanimous vote of the 14 ALAC members present (with 1 not present), to withdraw support for the Membership model.

I want to make it clear that this is not a "red line" decision. Should a Membership model become one that is generally advocated by the CCWG, and supported by a supermajority of Board directors (who ultimately MUST support any changes that they will be called upon to approve, else they would be in violation of their fiduciary duty), then the ALAC reserves its right to support such a model.

Alan Greenberg
Chair, At-Large Advisory Committee

Domain Mondo Editor's Note: It is doubtful that any membership model would be supported by the ICANN Board--see: ICANN Board Does NOT Support CCWG Proposed Membership Model Sep 27, 2015.

See also: ALAC Comments on CCWG-Accountability 2nd Draft Report (September 11, 2015)

ALAC has 5 members on the CCWG. The CCWG has a total of 26 members, plus a Board liaison and Staff representative, plus another 164 "participants."

ALAC's 5 members on CCWG-Accountability:
Sebastien Bachollet (Europe)
Tijani Ben Jemaa (Africa)
Alan Greenberg (North America)
Cheryl Langdon-Orr (Asia/Asia Pacific)
León Sanchez (Latin America) – CCWG Co-Chair

ALAC website: atlarge.icann.org

Background: At-Large is the name for the community of individual Internet users who participate in the policy development work of ICANN. More than 140 At-Large Structures representing the views of individual Internet users are active throughout the world. Learn more about the community and its activities on the website www.atlarge.icann.org, as well as how to join and participate in building the future of the worldwide Domain Name System (DNS) and other unique identifiers which every single user of the Internet relies on with every online visit. (source: ALAC website, supra)

About the ALAC, At-Large Advisory Committee:

On 31 October 2002, the ICANN Board adopted new Bylaws that established the ALAC and authorized its supporting At-Large organizations. See: Article XI, Section 2(4). The new Bylaws, which were the result of ICANN's 2002 reform process, went into effect on 15 December 2002. They called for the ALAC to eventually consist of ten members selected by Regional At-Large Organizations, supplemented by five members selected by ICANN's Nominating Committee. Underpinning the ALAC is a network of self-organizing, self- supporting At-Large Structures throughout the world involving individual Internet users at the local or issue level. The At-Large Structures have self-organised into five Regional At-Large Organizations (one in each ICANN region – Africa, Asia-Pacific, Europe, Latin America/Caribbean, and North America). The Regional At-Large Organizations are managing outreach and public involvement and are the main forum and coordination point in each region for public input to ICANN. (source: ICANN)

The CCWG-Accountability (Cross Community Working Group on Enhancing ICANN Accountability) is having further meetings/sessions this week in conjuction with ICANN 54 in Dublin, Ireland. According to the ICANN 54 schedule, CCWG-Accountability sessions scheduled for the rest of this week (all times are Irish Standard Time, and anyone can observe/attend by following the links on each session page link below):

Monday, Oct 19: 10:15 to 11:45 IST Enhancing ICANN Accountability Engagement Session I Auditorium
Monday, Oct 19: 14:00 to 18:30 IST CCWG-Accountability Working Session I Liffey B
Wednesday, Oct 21: 17:00 to 20:00 IST CCWG-Accountability Engagement Session II Auditorium
Thursday, Oct 22: 08:00 to 10:30 IST CCWG-Accountability Working Session II Liffey Hall 2

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