Data Records, Hacker Threat, Safer Data Security, RRE Ventures (video)

Hacker Threat and Safer Data Security: A Timeline - Jim Robinson, RRE Ventures' managing partner, discusses protecting against cyber threats with Bloomberg's Cory Johnson and Carol Massar on "Bloomberg Advantage Primetime," October 1, 2015. Note his reference to blockchain technologies.

RRE Ventures is a New York City-based venture capital firm focused on investments across several disciplines, including software, internet, mobile, financial services, consumer and enterprise hardware, and other related technologies. Focus: Seed, Early Stage Venture, and Later Stage Venture Investments. Investment Size: 100k - 25M (sources: rre.com, wikipedia, crunchbase).

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RRE Ventures Twitter handle: @RRE https://twitter.com/RRE



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