CCWG Steamroller! ICANN 'Chattering' Organizations In Parallel Universe!

Photo of CCWG-Accountability Triumvirate: (L-R) Mathieu Weill, Thomas Rickert, Leon Sanchez
CCWG-Accountability Triumvirate (L-R): Mathieu Weill, Thomas Rickert, Leon Sanchez (ICANN.org photo)
You have to hand it to those CCWG guys--Mathieu, Thomas and Leon--they re-started the Steamroller that Thomas Rickert had test driven in LA, and look at what was accomplished in just a few hours at ICANN 54 today--after realizing the proposed 'Single Member Model' was DOA Dublin--the CCWG is now well on its way to:
  1. Sole Designator Model replacing Single Member Model as the "reference model" for the final phase of CCWG-Accountability's work;
  2. A New Timeline that delivers "Final Report" to the ICANN Board mid-January, 2016:

In order to accelerate the process, the timeline provides for "parallel" feedback from the ICANN Chartering Organizations (a/k/a Chattering Organizations) at the same time as the Report goes out for 3rd Public Comment. As commented by two people active in CCWG-accountability's work near the end of today's session:
We have a habit of fantasy timelines in this group...
We have a habit of wasting time and turning those fantasy timeline predictions into self fulfilling predictions.

Video, audio, and transcript of today's CCWG-Accountability's session will be posted here.

UPDATE: At the ICANN 54 Public Forum on October 22, 2015, Leon Sanchez, Co-chair reported a summary of key decisions and agreed-upon next steps:
  • on the sole designator as referenced model for enforcement, the group reached broad agreement to move forward with the sole designator as the new reference for the model for the next draft proposal. 
  • the group will next attempt to finalize patching the model to alleviate any outstanding concerns on the next draft proposal. 
  • decision-making model. the group begun defining a consensus-based decision, make and model, which includes a community consultation period. discussions on the topic were informed on the second draft report about unintended concentration of power. 
  • on the independent review process, the group confirmed support for the proposed IRP enhancements and is now moving into the implementation phase. to spearhead this phase, a drafting subgroup with expert support will be constructed to develop and draft bylaws and detailed operating procedures. 
  • on the community power that refers to review and reject of the budget and operating plan, the group has identified a balanced process and approach for the one-year operating plan and budget which was an outstanding item coming into Dublin. 
  • on the community power of recalling individual board directors, the group confirmed a decision method for removal of a director appointed by the nominating committee and a separate decision method for removal of a director appointed by an advisory committee or supporting organization. 
  • in the mission and core values, the group confirmed its support for clarification of the mission statement and articulation of the commitments and core values. an example of our clarification includes icann's ability to enforce agreements with contracted parties subject to reasonable checks and balances. 
  • on human rights, the group reached consensus to include a general human rights commitment into the bylaws. however, further work is needed on language and has been tasked to the human rights working party. 
  • on the incorporation of affirmation of commitments into the bylaws, the group finalized outstanding details of the incorporation of the aoc review into the bylaws. there is high confidence that these bylaws are nearly ready for consideration in terms of implementation. 
  • as regard to version 2, the group adopted a focused list of work stream 2 items, with an emphasis on transparency retirements. there was also broad agreement to bring some of these transparency requirements into work stream 1, in consideration of the discussions around the sole designator enforcement model. 
  • .... the current time line proposes posting a high-level overview of recommendations and a summary of changes from the second draft proposal for a 35-day public comment period. on 15 november 2015. Alongside the 35-day public comment, the ccwg accountability will submit these resources to the chartering organizations for initial feedback. 


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