Former GNSO Chair Jonathan Robinson Interview from ICANN54 (video)


An ICANN interview of Jonathan Robinson at ICANN 54 in Dublin. Robinson is now former Chair of ICANN's GNSO Council--note: GNSO failed to elect a Chair to replace Robinson at ICANN 54, so the GNSO's Vice Chairs are presently doing the Chair's duties--
Transcript of video above:
I'm here at the ICANN 54 meeting in Dublin with Jonathan Robinson the Chair of the GNSO Council. Jonathan ... your time will come to an end in Dublin, what are you thoughts of the GNSO and the state its in at the moment? I think we're in a good state in many ways. I mean we we've done a lot of work to make sure that things operate smoothly and that we work in an effective way and that that goes through many different layers, that's in terms of the personal relationships with, between the councillors through to our understanding of each other's constituencies and stakeholder groups, knowledge of processes and procedures, effective working with staff, so feels to me that we're in pretty good shape and I feel proud to be handing over the chair of a critical organ in the ICANN infrastructure to a successor Chair, so I think we're in good shape. Over the past three years changes have taken place ... I think the overarching theme we tried to put in place at three years ago was to look at a process of continuous improvement and in doing so we looked at a number of different areas it was was in terms of the underlying processes what we with within the operating procedures of the way in which the council manages the policy, how we could do any of those things more efficiently and more effectively. For example when we now do the preparation of an issue report with a draft charter in there that the council is not obliged to accept that has the opportunity to accept if the council accepts that we end up with a more efficient start to the PDP process ...  we've concentrated on a number of different areas we concentrate on where we can improve those processes and we can get greater throughput. We've concentrated on how we might best rely on the staff that support the council and staff were able to take on significant amount of work provided we trust and had an effective working relationship with the staff . We need to have good interpersonal relationships between those Councillors because we're often dealing with quite contentious matters and so one of the things we've done is concentrate on making sure when we know and understand one another from both a constituency and stakeholder group level. We try to understand the way in which the different groups work, in which they come to decisions in which in which they empower the councillors to work, but also we spent some time out of council meetings getting to know one another in making sure we know and understand each other as individuals. What are your thoughts for the incoming Chair? I feel like I'm handing over something in good shape, but that doesn't mean there isn't lots of work to be done. And I think one of the one of the key areas that might help will be to start to think of the work of the Council as being managed and handled by not only the Chair alone, but the Vice Chairs and a competent policy staff. So I think the critical thing to do, because one of the key challenges is dealing with a high and increasing volume of work is to pull together with the Vice Chairs and support staff and see that as the team through which that increased throughput is generated. Thank you very much for your time and good luck for the future. Thank you very much.

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