Coming Unhinged? The Bears Cometh Upon Global Markets (videos)

A Loss of Confidence in Central Banks?

The Markets Are Going to Be Mauled by the Bear says David Stockman. Former OMB Director David Stockman discusses the volatile markets, central banks' policies, and China. He speaks on "Bloomberg ‹GO›." Published Feb 10, 2016 on Bloomberg.com - see also: Bear Market Descends on Global Stocks - Bloomberg Business

Greet the bear | Authers Note - published Feb 11, 2016 - FT.com's John Authers on the day when world stocks slipped into their first bear market in five years. Sweden's Riksbank also cut its benchmark interest rate further than expected, to minus 0.5%--more negative interest rates.

Flatter and lower | Authers' Note - John Authers reports as the US yield curve flattens and the Japanese 10-year bond yields go negative. Published Feb 10, 2016

James Kynge, the FT’s emerging markets editor, explains why investors are fleeing emerging markets and how this reverberates across the world, with developing countries accounting for more than half of global economic growth. Published Feb 11, 2016


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