Alibaba Group $BABA Q1 & FY2016 Results, Webcast Replay

Alibaba Group 1-year Chart; $BABA DOWN almost 5% over the past year (source: google.com)
Alibaba Group’s Earnings Conference Call for March Quarter 2016 and Full Fiscal Year 2016
Thursday, May 05, 2016, 7:30 am ET (US) via Webcast and Conference Call.  Details of the conference call are as follows:

International: +65 6713 5090
U.S.: +1 845 675 0437
U.K.: +44 203 621 4779
Hong Kong: +852 3018 6771
Conference ID: 90923926

March Quarter 2016 and Full Fiscal Year 2016 Results"Alibaba has an incredible track record of making long-term bets successful. Here, a bit of historical perspective is important. Take Taobao Marketplace as an example. We started Taobao in 2003 when online shopping in China was virtually nonexistent. For five years, we didn't generate any revenues. Instead, we focused on acquiring users and building an e-commerce ecosystem. Taobao didn't produce meaningful profits until 2010. That is seven years after its founding. History teaches us that it pays to be patient. We are used to investing in long-term initiatives with long-term gestation periods. New initiatives typically take five years to seven years to grow into substantial profitability, and this growth usually takes on a step-function trajectory rather than in a straight line. The ability to remain patient is a competitive advantage. Going forward, we're prepared to continue investing in high-potential businesses that are highly strategic to Alibaba."--Chung Tsai, Alibaba Group Executive Vice Chairman, source: Q1 2016 earnings webcast, transcript links below (emphasis added)
Above: Excerpt from $BABA Q1 2016 Press Release
Above: Excerpt from $BABA Q1 2016 Presentation (link above) 
Above: Excerpt from $BABA Q1 2016 Presentation p. 23 (link above)
Principal domain names: alibaba.com and alibabagroup.com
Stock Exchange & symbol: NYSE:BABA
Investor relations: alibabagroup.com/en/ir/home

Note that famed shortseller, Jim Chanos, has "real questions"about financial metrics and cash flow for Alibaba, the Chinese e-commerce giant. He suspects Alibaba is unprofitable, telling CNBC "We just don't see how profitable or unprofitable that business is," but he did not disclose to CNBC how large his position is.

"Alibaba Group's mission is to make it easy to do business anywhere. The company is the largest online and mobile commerce company in the world in terms of gross merchandise volume. Founded in 1999, the company provides the fundamental technology infrastructure and marketing reach to help businesses leverage the power of the Internet to establish an online presence and conduct commerce with hundreds of millions of consumers and other businesses." (source: Alibaba Group)

Alibaba Group's major businesses include:
Taobao Marketplace (www.taobao.com), China's largest online shopping destination
Tmall.com (www.tmall.com), China's largest third-party platform for brands and retailers
Juhuasuan (www.juhuasuan.com), China's most popular online group buying marketplace
Alitrip (www.alitrip.com), a leading online travel service platform
AliExpress (www.aliexpress.com), a global online marketplace for consumers to buy directly from China
Alibaba.com (www.alibaba.com), China's largest global online wholesale platform for small businesses
1688.com (www.1688.com), a leading online wholesale marketplace in China
AliCloud (www.alicloud.com), a provider of cloud computing services to businesses and entrepreneurs
(*source: Alibaba Group alibabagroup.com)

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