INTA Annual Meeting 2016, Orlando, May 21-25

International Trademark Association INTA Annual Meeting 2016, Orlando 21-25 May:

Highlighted sessions:

Tuesday, May 24, 10:15-11:30: CT03 Making Money on .Generic Domain Names "Sure, the business model for .brands is self-evident, a safe secure ecosystem designed to protect consumers from confusion and a platform for innovative interactions between brands and their customers. But haven’t you wondered how new gTLD registries with .generic terms will make money?  It’s not like we were all clamoring for more domain names and it’s not as if .info and .biz really hit it out of the ballpark. Well, we have invited some of the best and brightest of the business folks running new .generic gTLD registries to come to the Annual Meeting and clue us in on how they plan to turn these registries into money makers."
Moderators: Paul McGrady, Winston & Strawn LLP (United States); Stacey King, Amazon Inc. (United States)
Benjamin Crawford, CentralNic Plc (United Kingdom)
Frank Schilling, Uniregistry (Cayman Islands)
Daniel Schindler, Donuts (United States)

Monday, May 23, 11:45 am–1:00 pm: IM20 Internet/E-Commerce Industry Breakout: Beyond Trademarks—The Latest Challenges for Trademark Lawyers in Dealing with ICANN, New gTLDs, and the New Internet Landscape "The new online landscape is one in which mobile is king, a proliferation of apps compete with thousands of new domain names for traffic, and where the central organization governing the Internet is undergoing a significant transition away from US government oversight. This brave new world need not be intimidating, however. Our expert panel of Internet lawyers will guide us through a number of topics, including: 
  • Opportunities and enforcement challenges presented by new gTLDs/ccTLDs.
  • Defensive domain registration strategies.
  • Involvement in ICANN for TM lawyers.
  • Role of governments in Internet governance and e-commerce.
  • Implications of an increasingly mobile-centric Internet." 
Moderator: Ellen B. Shankman, Ellen Shankman & Associates (Israel)
Andrew Abrams, Google (United States)
Sheri Falco, ICM Registry LLC (United States)
Stacey King, Amazon.com, Inc. (United States)
Michele Neylon, Blacknight Internet Solutions Ltd (Ireland)
Nick Wood, Com Laude (United Kingdom)

Sunday 11:30 am–12:45 pm: China Trademark Association Panel "... updates on Chinese trademark office practices from Chinese government officials and association leaders."

Sunday, May 22, 2:30 pm–3:45 pm: Free Speech and Trademark Law:  A Survey of Recent and Relevant Cases from United States, Japan and Norway Concerning Speech, Expression and Trademark Protection  "... recent trademark decisions, future trends, and their most important and news-worthy decisions of the past year concerning free speech rights, property rights in trademarks, political and commercial speech." 

Monday, May 23, 10:15 am–11:30 am: CM03 Nontraditional Trademarks, Innovation, and Competition: Friends or Foes? "In addition to words, names, logos, and product packaging, governments around the world are increasingly allowing registration and protection of nontraditional trademarks (also known as trade dress) such as product configurations, colors, scents, sounds, tastes, textures and motions. As these signs can identify and distinguish goods and services, brands can benefit from registering and enforcing rights in such innovative types of trademarks. Yet protection of nontraditional trademarks may also significantly hinder competition and communication in the marketplace ..."

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