Interview: New ICANN President and CEO Göran Marby (video)

ICANN President and CEO Göran Marby interview:

ICANN's Brad White interviews ICANN's new President and CEO Göran Marby. Published May 15, 2016. You almost have to feel sorry for this guy--he obviously has no idea what he is getting into--and he already has been "fed" a lot of misinformation and false narratives about ICANN.

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"The curse was laid upon him in Marrakech" 

Marby is a former technology CEO and start-up founder as well as most recently serving as Director-General of the Swedish Post and Telecom Authority.

History of ICANN President-CEOs (former positions in parenthesis):
  • Göran Marby (Director-General, Swedish Post and Telecom Authority): May 2016- ?
  • *Interim: Akram Atallah (ICANN GDD President), March-May, 2016 
  • Fadi Chehadé (CEO of Vocado LLC), September 2012-March 2016
  • *Interim: Akram Atallah (ICANN COO), July-September, 2012 
  • Rod Beckstrom (U.S. Cybersecurity Chief), July 2009-July 2012
  • Paul Twomey (Founder, Argo Pacific consulting firm), March 2003-June 2009
  • Stuart Lynn (Assoc. V.P., University of California), March 2001-March 2003
  • Michael Roberts (V.P. of Educom consortium), October 1998-March 2001


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