New ICANN Bylaws and Amended, Restated Articles of Incorporation

UPDATE note: links to the current ICANN Bylaws and Articles of Incorporation.

UPDATE 22 July 2017Bylaws of ICANN | A California Nonprofit Public-Benefit Corporation | ICANN.org as amended 22 July 2017.

UPDATE May 27, 2016: The ICANN Board of Directors today adopted by Resolution 2016.05.27.01, the New ICANN Bylaws as revised on 26 May 2016 [PDF, 1.41 MB]. The Board further resolved (2016.05.27.02), "the New ICANN Bylaws will be deemed effective upon the expiration the IANA Functions Contract between ICANN and NTIA."  Also "Resolved (2015.05.27.05), the ICANN Board approves the posting of the draft Restated Articles of Incorporation for public comment on the ICANN website as soon as reasonably practicable." Read more here: New ICANN Bylaws - ICANN blog and  Approved Board Resolutions | Special Meeting of the ICANN Board 27 May 2016. New Restated Articles now posted for comment. [--end of UPDATE--]

The ICANN Board of Directors is scheduled to consider adoption of new ICANN Bylaws "on or about May 27, 2016."
"Once New ICANN Bylaws have been adopted, ICANN will notify NTIA. NTIA has stated that it needs to see that changes to the Bylaws have been adopted sufficient to implement the Transition Proposals before NTIA can complete its review of the Transition Proposals. Once adopted, the Bylaws are expected to [go] into effect in the event NTIA approves of the IANA Stewardship Transition Proposal and the IANA Functions Contract expires."--ICANN (emphasis and link added)
Embedded below is May 25, 2016, draft (redline) of new ICANN Bylaws:

Embedded below is the 25 May 2016 draft (redline) of ICANN's Amended and Restated Articles:


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