Year Ahead in Global Tech Policy, Why It Matters, Google I/O 2016 Video

The year ahead in Global Tech Policy, and why it matters to you - Google I/O 2016:

All around the world, governments are poised to implement new laws and regulations that will shape the Internet and technology in general in huge ways. Whether you’re an independent developer, startup, or an established company, tech policy decisions made in places like Brussels or Washington D.C. actually have a big impact on what you do every day. Yet navigating these proposals can be confusing, time-consuming, and full of legalese. In this session hosted by Google’s Public Policy team, get a behind-the-scenes look at the year so far, and hear about what Google sees coming down the road in the world of technology law and regulation. Covered are some of the biggest issues making headlines, including internet of things, IoT, privacy, apps, app economy, machine learning, AI, VR, android fragmentation, and more. Also the resources Google has available to help developers learn more and get involved. Published May 27, 2016

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