Meet Ozlo Your Friendly AI Sidekick! Who Needs Google Anymore?

Ozlo: a personal AI Chat Bot built for a mobile world (images below from ozlo.com)

Domain Name: ozlo.com
Offices: Palo Alto and Seattle
Twitter@TeamOzlo - News and updates from the people building Ozlo—your friendly AI sidekick! 

Introducing Ozlo - TeamOzlo | Medium.com"Today, I’m excited to introduce you to Ozlo, a faster and better way to find information from your phone. Ozlo is a personal AI (Artificial Intelligence). While he’s still very young, with your help, he will soon grow to become the digital companion people turn to everyday for help. Ozlo is available today on iOS for the first 10,000 people who sign up at ozlo.com..." (emphasis added)

An introduction from one of the venture capital firms funding Ozlo:
Our Investment in Ozlo | Greylock.com: "... Mobile is different, and the interactions and questions and answers should be different, too. Our phones know a lot about where we are and what we’re doing. We’re only paying partial attention to them — we’re out in the world and distracted, not focused like with PCs. We mostly use our phones to communicate — not at all like traditional search engines. Above all, when we turn to our phones with questions, we want answers fast. It seemed clear that there was an opportunity to build something more modern — higher signal for our mobile lives, much faster to get to information, but mostly just better able to answer the questions we actually have when we are out in the world, living our lives ... Ozlo, which is launching today as an iOS app but will eventually have many more ways to interact with him. Ozlo lives on your phone and answers questions like, “Where can I find good coffee within walking distance?” Traditional search engines would struggle with a question like this. That’s a point that’s worth emphasizing — even in 2016, traditional search approaches aren’t great at answering basic human questions. Here’s a post from Team Ozlo that shows you a a few things about how he works and what it can do today. At the moment, Ozlo knows about restaurants & foods — over time he’ll learn about more domains ... I think it’s unique partly due to the design and partly due to the deep technology stack that Team Ozlo has built. The design stands out for me as the best example of a conversational interface that I can find. Ozlo’s not a command line bot; it’s deeper and richer. He’s also not pure text — or rather, he can be sometimes, but also will use more sophisticated UI elements when he’s able, like in this native app. Ozlo gets the back & forth exploration of a real conversation. He knows things about who I am and what I like. And his interactions are fast & fluid in a way that feels natural and native. The technology stands out because the team has blended approaches from the worlds of search, artificial intelligence, natural language processing, and even interactive fiction — it’s a full stack developed to build rich conversational experiences, and it shows ..."

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