Is HP a Dinosaur? This Is What the Future Looks Like for HP Inc. (videos)

Keep Reinventing - HP - Engineering Experiences that Amaze:

Video above published on Nov 2, 2015 - "At HP [hp.com] we believe in reinvention. For more than 76 years, Hewlett-Packard has been making history. But the truth is we’re just getting started. This is a new HP, and we keep reinventing our company so that you can reinvent how you work, how you play, how you live, and how you create what matters most to you."

SeeHP Launches Group to Invest in Startups | WSJ.com"HP Tech Ventures will target fields such as 3-D printing, virtual reality and artificial intelligence ..."

But also notePC market at 2011 levels as tablets fall for the sixth quarter | Canalys"Worldwide PC shipments (desktops, notebooks, two-in-ones and tablets) totaled 101 million units in Q1 2016, as total volumes dipped by 13% year-on-year to their lowest point since Q2 2011 ... Lenovo shipped some 25,000 units less than Apple, as its decline moved into double digits on the back of weakening sales in Greater China. Apart from two-in-ones, which grew just over 13%, shipments were weak across all categories, as vendors struggle with declines in global PC demand. Tablets continue to be the worst affected category, with shipments falling around 15% to just under 39 million units."

Below: a series of videos by Fortune Magazine (fortune.com), about the new HP Inc. (hp.com) published May 5, 2016, 4 video playlist:
  1. How HP Inc. Is Competing in the Global Marketplace, HP CEO Dion Weisler explains
  2. Check Out These New HP Inc. Products, HP CEO Dion Weisler shows how the company’s technology has progressed
  3. Why HP Inc. Is Still Bullish on Personal Computers, HP CEO Dion Weisler shares his logic
  4. This Is What the Future Looks Like for HP Inc. - HP? It’s not just printers anymore

Videos above--the new HP Inc.--branding, rebranding, hardware, technology, printers, scanners, laptops, computers, chromebooks, and more. 

HP Inc. (a/k/a just "HP") is a US technology company, created on November 1, 2015 as one of two successors of Hewlett-Packard, along with Hewlett Packard Enterprise. It develops and provides hardware, such as personal computers and printers. It is the legal successor of the old Hewlett-Packard. The split was structured so that Hewlett-Packard changed its name to HP Inc. and spun off Hewlett Packard Enterprise as a new publicly traded company. HP Inc. retains Hewlett-Packard's stock price history, as well as its NYSE ticker symbol of HPQ (whereas Hewlett Packard Enterprise uses a new ticker, HPE and domain name: hpe.com). Dion Weisler is CEO of the new company created as a result of the Hewlett-Packard Co. separation. source: HP Inc., Wikipedia.


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