The Biggest Apps, More Than A Billion Users Monthly, Timeline Chart

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With approximately 3.3 billion people now using the internet, how hard is it to reach one billion of them each month? Harder than you might think. Google, Facebook, and Microsoft are the only companies with apps of more than a billion active users.

Google alone has seven of them: Search, Gmail, Maps, YouTube, Android, Chrome, and Play.
The last to reach the one billion mark was Gmail, per Alphabet’s announcement a few weeks ago.

Facebook has the largest audience out of all of these apps, with 1.59 billion monthly active users on its Facebook app. WhatsApp, which Facebook bought for $22 billion in October 2014, recently announced it also surpassed the one billion user mark, which fulfills a promise Mark Zuckerberg made to Facebook shareholders at the deal’s outset.

UPDATE via Chris DixonThe Internet Economy | Medium.com"Web vs apps. The mobile web is arguably in decline: users are spending more time on mobile devices, and more time in apps instead of web browsers. Apple has joined the app side of this battle (e.g. allowing ad blockers in Safari, encouraging app install smart banners above websites). Facebook has also taken the app side (e.g. encouraging publishers to use Instant Articles instead of web views). Google of course needs a vibrant web for its search engine to remain useful, so has joined the web side of the battle (e.g. punishing websites that have interstitial app ads, developing technologies that reduce website loading times). The realistic danger isn’t that the web disappears, but that it gets marginalized, and that the bulk of monetizable internet activities happen in apps or other interfaces like voice or messaging bots. This shift could have a significant effect on web publishers who rely on older business models like non-native ads, and could make it harder for small startups to grow beyond niche use cases."

QuestionWith the mobile web in decline, what are the ramifications for the domain name industry, new gTLDs, and ICANN?

Infographic: Twice the Time - Same Number of Apps | Statista

In the fourth quarter of 2015, iPhone and Android smartphone users in the U.S. used an average of 27.1 apps per month, spending more than 40 hours with them. Interestingly, the amount of time people spend with apps continues to increase, whereas the number of apps they use pretty much stopped growing three years ago.

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