UK Prime Minister Theresa May: Brexit & Change Are Coming (videos)

Theresa May: Speech to Conservative Party Conference 2016:

Navigating change in a turbulent world--UK Prime Minister Theresa May: Brexit & Change Are Coming--video published Oct 5, 2016.  The UK PM's closing speech at the Conservative party conference which included a strategic move to lure the working classes and make Britain a "fairer Britain." Speech Transcript (pdf).

Building a country that works for everyone:

Video above published Oct 5, 2016, by the Conservative Party (UK)--Domain: conservatives.com; Twitter handle: @Conservatives.

Tory civil war off the agenda:

A few months ago some were predicting the Conservative party would be thrown into civil war by the Brexit vote. Perhaps it would even have to split. The FT.com's Henry Mance reports from the Tory party conference about why that has not happened. Video published Oct 5, 2016.

City (London's financial centre) calls for clarity on Brexit:

Barclays’ John McFarlane, David Sproul of Deloitte and Ratesetter’s Rhydian Lewis express concern over future access to the EU's single market and skilled labor. Video published Oct 3, 2016. 

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