WikiLeaks.org Celebrates Its Domain Name Registration 10th Anniversary

WikiLeaks Top 10:

Video above published Oct 3, 2016 by WikiLeaks.org: "WikiLeaks has published 10 million documents over the last 10 years -- an average of 3,000 documents per day. What are the top 10? To support go to https://wikileaks.org/donate."

Tuesday’s anniversary party in Berlin commemorated the October 4, 2006, registration of its domain name wikileaks.org. WikiLeaks launched with its founder Julian Assange saying it would use encryption and a censorship-proof website to protect sources and publicize secret information, and it first caught the world's attention when it released manuals for prison guards at Guantanamo Bay.
WikiLeaks is often subjected to attacks, even by news organizations. “We believe in what we’re doing,” Julian Assange told Spiegel. “The attacks only make us stronger.”
Setting the record straight*:
1. Is WikiLeaks an “agent” of any government such as Russia? No.
2. Does WikiLeaks seek to play a partisan role in the US election? No.
3. Has anyone come to physical harm as a result of WikiLeaks publications? No.
4. Did WikiLeaks publish the details of millions of Turkish women voters? No.
5. Did WikiLeaks recently expose visitors to its website to malware? No.
6. Did WikiLeaks recently expose gay citizens of Saudi Arabia to increased danger? No.
7. Did the Democratic National Party break Payment Card Industry (PCI) requirements on credit card record keeping and state laws on social security number storage by holding credit card details and social security numbers as carelessly as they did? Yes.
*For details see: https://wikileaks.org/10years/WikiLeaks10yrsPressPack.pdf 

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