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Feature • Amazon $AMZN, Apple $AAPL, AT&T $T, Google $GOOG $GOOGL, Twitter $TWTR, all reported their Q3 2016 financial results this week. So how did they do? Just check this week's charts:

Out of the 5 stocks above, this week's biggest (and only) net gainer for the week? Twitter $TWTR.

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  • Alibaba Group $BABA Nov 2 at 7:30 am ET
  • Facebook $FB Nov 2 at 5:00 pm ET
  • GoDaddy $GDDY Nov 2 at 5:00 pm ET

Other Tech News:

•  More Apple BlingApple Unveils Groundbreaking New MacBook Pro | apple.com: New 13" Macbook Pro with Touch Bar, dual-core i5 starts at $1.8K; 15" model with Touch Bar, quad-core i7, Radeon Pro 450 starts at $2.4K; both ship in 2-3 weeks. But don't forget the donglesApple’s new MacBook Pro kills off most of the ports you probably need | TechCrunch.comSee also Apple says AirPod shipments to be delayed | Reuters.com.

•  Qualcomm to buy NXP Semiconductors, the largest maker of semiconductors used in cars, in $47 billion deal--Bloomberg.com.

•   Nobody wants an exploding phone? Samsung operating profit plunges 30% in wake of Note 7 fiasco--BBC.com.

•   Facebook Lets Advertisers Exclude Users by Race | ProPublica.org: Facebook lets advertisers exclude black, Hispanic, and other “ethnic affinities” from seeing ads; Facebook says “ethnic affinity” isn't the same as race.

•  "Twitter, the highest-circulation short-form “newspaper” on earth"--Professor Randall Stross in the New York TimesSee also Important News about Vine | Medium.com"we are sharing the news that in the coming months we’ll be discontinuing the mobile app."

•   Uber surge: Got an urge to splurge? Surge pricing is coming to UberEats in select cities | TheVerge.com: "$30 for a grain bowl anyone?" and Uber Freight Will Bring Surge Pricing to the Trucking Business | technologyreview.com. But see Uber loses employment tribunal in the UK | TechCrunch.com"The tribunal’s ruling means Uber drivers in the UK will be entitled to holiday pay, paid rest breaks and the National Minimum Wage. Although Uber has said it will appeal."

•   WTF Apple! Apple's new TV app, designed to track favorite shows across apps, does not include Netflix or Amazon, and most streaming services require cable log-in.--Wired.com

•  CenturyLink.com nears deal to merge with Level3.com reports Reuters.com.

•  The U.S. Senate Judiciary antitrust subcommittee hearing on the AT&T-Time-Warner deal is December 7. Testifying will be AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson and Time Warner CEO Jeffrey Bewkes.--Variety.com

•  How to opt out of Google's new tracking system--wired.co.uk: go to Activity controls in your account page and untick “Include Chrome browsing history and activity from websites and apps that use Google services." To find out which services are collecting information on your browsing habits-- and stop them--you can visit YourOnlineChoices.com (pan-European website).

•  The Paradox of Digital Learning Innovation | Technology and Learning | insidehighered.com"we see postsecondary digital learning innovation everywhere but the statistics on costs, access, and quality."

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