The Next $300 Billion Company and Why NFL Football & Yahoo Are Losers

Scott Galloway: The Next $300 Billion Company:

What's the next $300 billion company? NYU Stern marketing professor Scott Galloway puts his money on Netflix, which aims to quintuple its revenue in the next four years.

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Galloway also make his calls on this week's Losers:
  • Loser: the NFL. Audiences have fallen 11%, signaling that the football franchise is no longer immune to the death of television.
  • Loser: Yahoo - yes, again. While the hack isn't their fault, failing to disclose it is.
  • Loser: space travel, which seems like yet another head fake.
Video above published on Oct 20, 2016, by L2inc.com.

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0:02  So under the category of don't try this at home,
0:04 I own three stocks: Apple, Amazon and Nike -
0:08 and I'm about to purchase a fourth.
0:10 Here at L2 we've attempted to suss out the underpinnings of the Four Horsemen (Apple, Amazon, Facebook and Google).
0:16 They have great CEOs, visionary capital, they become an operating system for their respective categories, they're seen as good citizens,
0:22 they're a bike ride from a major engineering university, they have vertical distribution and several other factors.
0:28 We've applied those to other companies to try and identify who could be the Fifth Horseman,
0:33 or who could be worth $300 billion-plus.
0:36 Netflix.
0:37 By 2020, Netflix revenue is expected to quintuple to $11 billion with a subscriber base of 60 million in the US.
0:45 Netflix has a real shot at becoming the operating system for the joy and relaxation in our life.
0:50 It could be worth in my view $200-300 billion. I'm buying Netflix.
0:55 The NFL, which for the past decade has remained relatively immune to the death of television,
0:59 has finally fallen.
1:01 What a shocker. A bunch of rich old white dudes putting a bunch of young amazing athletes in uniforms and then telling them to crash into each other so they can have Parkinson's by the time they're 45.
1:11 Audiences for NFL games are down 11%.
1:14 We have seen the beginning of the end.
1:17 A loser - again? Yahoo. I don't think you can fault Yahoo for complying with the law and helping the government scan emails under court order.
1:25 What they can be blamed for is not disclosing what is turning out to be the largest hack in history
1:30 of 500 million email accounts - two years after it happened.
1:35 If they in fact withheld material information from an acquirer, Verizon has every right to demand a reduction in price -
1:41 and supposedly Verizon is. They've asked for a $1 billion discount.
1:44 Yahoo goes back into the marketplace, the private equity guys sharpen their pencils and offer at least $1 billion less. Verizon gets this.
1:52 Yahoo shareholders and the board decided to take their medicine and do a deal that is a fraction of the value this company commanded five to 10 years ago.
2:01 However, the CEO walks away with a quarter of a billion dollars.
2:05 Losers: billionaires engaged in the intergalactic pissing contest.
2:09 I wanted to say sword fighting with their dicks
2:10 but Katherine wouldn't let me.
2:12 Anyway, despite President Obama's recent plans to take innovation beyond the bounds of Earth's orbit,
2:17 we believe space travel is the next big head fake to join 3D printing and virtual reality.
2:23 In September, Mark Zuckerberg's $200 million Amos-6 satellite blew up on Earth.
2:28 Richard Branson and Jeff Bezos are betting big on space tourism with commercial space jets
2:33 and not to be outdone, Larry Page is stuck on microsatellites.
2:36 And the biggest little dick?
2:37 Elon Musk, who is trying to colonize Mars.
2:40 However, what these billionaires don't realize:
2:42 in space no one can hear you scream.
2:49 Subscribe now.
3:15 By the way, I am onto you, Elon. It's pretty obvious you are from Mars and trying to get us to pay for your trip back home.
3:23 Sorry. Not buying it.

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