Winners: Snapchat; Amazon; Google | Losers: Costco; Sam's Club; Fashion

Scott Galloway: Innovation is a Snap:

NYU Stern Marketing Professor Scott Galloway presents this week's "biggest winners and losers in digital"--

Winner: Snapchat. No longer just an app, the company aims to reinvent the camera with Spectacles, its new hardware product. Domains: snap.com, snapchat.com, spectacles.com

Loser: Warehouse clubs like Costco and Sam's Club, which are rapidly losing share to Amazon Prime. Domains: costco.com, samsclub.com, amazon.com

Loser: Fashion insiders. As brands adopt the see now, buy now format and post on Instagram and Snapchat, fashion executives need to keep pace with the changing times.

Winner: Google, which recently celebrated its 18th birthday. Domain: google.com

Video above published Oct 13, 2016, by L2inc.com.

Auto-generated transcript via YouTube.com:
0:00 a winner snap chatters they like to be
0:04 called snap inc no longer just a nap
0:07 the firm is releasing a hardware product
0:09 called spectacles spectacles lets users
0:12 snap with the push of a button
0:14 chief strategy officer in Ron contoured
0:16 advertiser's last week that snap bank is
0:19 not a social media company but a camera
0:21 company he believes the reinventing the
0:23 camera is snaps greatest opportunity
0:26 with a price tag ten percent that of the
0:29 predecessor google glass it's easy to
0:31 see that snap-in gets its users the last
0:34 24 months have been a constant march of
0:36 innovation from the good people at
0:38 snapping concluding geo filters discover
0:41 lenses chat and memories losers
0:45 warehouse clubs in the past four years
0:46 the share of us households only paying
0:49 for a costco membership decline from 15
0:52 to ten percent remember subscribing only
0:54 to sam's club plunge from 17 to ten
0:57 percent at the same time the percentage
0:59 of amazon prime only subscribers has
1:01 more than doubled from seven to sixteen
1:03 percent what a shocker is Amazon
1:06 creating havoc with these guys prime is
1:07 also benefiting from a new trend of
1:10 households joining multiple retail clubs
1:12 forty-four percent of u.s. households
1:13 are amazon prime members think about
1:15 that if cord-cutting continues in five
1:18 to eight years they'll be more
1:19 households in america with a membership
1:21 to amazon prime then have cable
1:23 television a loser fashion insiders
1:26 after Milan Fashion Week vogue editors
1:28 called fashion influencers and bloggers
1:30 pathetic and said they were heralding
1:33 the death of style neiman marcus blame
1:35 bloggers for the past year falling sales
1:37 but who's the real loser here
1:39 fashion retail executive stuck in the
1:41 past who aren't angry at bloggers but
1:44 angry themselves in the world because
1:45 bottom line they're becoming less
1:47 relevant who's into fashion
1:49 Jack Dorsey Marissa Mayer who's not mark
1:52 zuckerberg you do the math a hundred
1:54 percent of brands showing at Fashion Week
1:56 had an Instagram account and seventy
1:59 percent were on snapchat a fifth of
2:00 brands and integrated the new director
2:02 consumer seen out by now
2:04 runway format the devil used to wear
2:07 Prada what does she wear now no one
2:09 gives a shit a winner google in
2:12 September 27 this
2:13 search engine turned 18 so Google
2:16 congratulations you can drive you can
2:18 buy a bullet bike you can serve your
2:20 country join the army
2:22 you can buy a gun but you can't drink
2:23  that makes sense with a market cap of
2:25 541 billion google is second only to
2:28 apple and value the google doodle was
2:31 launched in august of $YEAR 98 a month
2:33 prior to the company's incorporation the
2:35 first doodle inserted the Burning Man
2:37 symbol behind the OS a subtle out of the
2:40 office message is the two founders
2:42 headed to the festival the most popular
2:45 doodle the playable guitar published in
2:47 june 2011 and 48 hours 5.1 million years
2:52 of music was created we leave you with
2:54 some of our favorite Google Doodles
2:56 we'll see you next week
3:15 ok
4:01 proud to announce l2 glass
4:18 subscribe now
4:20 I said what's your problem

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