Home Depot Co-Founder Ken Langone: 'I’m excited about Trump’s Cabinet'

Home Depot Co-Founder: I’m excited about Trump’s Cabinet:

Video above published Dec 19, 2016: Home Depot Co-Founder Ken Langone on why he is excited about Donald Trump’s cabinet picks.

Gasparino on Trump's appointment of Gary Cohn:

Video above published Dec 19, 2016: FBN Senior Correspondent Charlie Gasparino on how Gary Cohn could influence Donald Trump’s economic policies. President-elect Donald Trump selected Gary Cohn, the President and Chief Operating Officer of Goldman Sachs, to serve as assistant to the President for economic policy and Director of the National Economic Council (NEC):
“Being chosen to serve in the President-elect’s administration is a great honor,” said Gary Cohn. “I share President-elect Trump’s vision of making sure every American worker has a secure place in a thriving economy, and we will be completely committed to building a nation of strength, growth and prosperity.”--source: GreatAgain.gov.
The NEC is comprised of numerous department and agency heads within the administration, whose policy jurisdictions impact the nation's economy. The NEC Director works in conjunction with these officials to coordinate and implement the President's economic policy objectives. The Director is supported by a staff of policy specialists in various fields including: agriculture, commerce, energy, financial markets, fiscal policy, healthcare, labor, and Social Security.--source: WhiteHouse.gov.

Note: The NYSE and NASDAQ markets are always closed on Christmas Day, December 25th, which this year falls on Sunday, therefore the Christmas closing will extend through Monday, December 26, 2016. The markets will reopen after Christmas on Tuesday, December 27, 2016.

Trump Effect: the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) closed December 22, 2016, at 19,918.88, UP 8.65% since Trump was elected November 8, 2016:
Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) (source: google.com)

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