Election Night 2016 Redux, Donald Trump's Triumph via Twitter

Just one month ago, Donald Trump shocked the elites and establishment media by winning the 2016 election to become the 45th President of the United States, garnering a total of 306 electoral votes (only 270 electoral votes are needed to win) to Hillary Clinton's 232 electoral votes:
"... Hillary and her Clinton campaign organization, and Clinton supporters, were in such shock and disbelief on election night. Hillary couldn't even emotionally handle showing up to concede at the Javits Center election night, but instead, sent John Podesta who told everybody to 'go home.'"--Why Hillary Lost | DomainMondo.com.
Email received in early December by the Editor of Domain Mondo from a Manhattanite who holds a senior position at a major Wall Street firm:
"Like many others, I was surprised by the results of the election.  I guess I was persuaded by the polls that indicated that Hillary Clinton would win ... She also had a significant advantage in the Electoral College [according to the pundits and pollsters' projections] ...  On election night, I attended two parties given by major donors to the Democratic Party.  When I arrived at each the mood was upbeat (one was black tie–preferred in anticipation of a celebratory occasion). By nine o’clock the crowd was becoming despondent and by eleven most had left.  I thought I would try to get some sleep around midnight and called a Washington contact whom I knew was staying up all night. I asked him to call me when the outcome was certain.  He didn't call, but sent me an email at 1:42am saying that Pennsylvania had gone for Donald Trump and it was over.  Pennsylvania!"
Twitter.com May Have Predicted the Election | technologyreview.com"The votes for Brexit and Donald Trump contradicted pollsters, but some researchers say Twitter was sending accurate signals all along ..."

Election 2016 via Twitter.com:

The #TrumpTrain tracks run through Pennsylvania

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