Scott Galloway on Facebook's Roadkill: Snapchat? (video)

Scott Galloway on Facebook's Roadkill:

Video above published by L2inc.com on Dec 1, 2016: NYU Stern marketing professor Scott Galloway presents the week's biggest winners and losers in digital:

Loser: Nike. Google searches for "Nike jobs" pale in comparison to Amazon, Facebook, and Google, illustrating how recruitment in the workplace has shifted towards digitally native companies.

Loser: Snapchat, which Facebook is essentially cloning with a new camera-first interface.

Loser: Pollsters. Amazon's bestsellers list captures American feelings about the presidential election better than any surveys.

Auto-generated transcript via YouTube.com:

0:02 A loser: Nike - and to be fair, all the old hot jobs of yesterday.
0:07 Google searches for "Nike jobs" pale in comparison to Amazon, Facebook and Google,
0:11illustrating how recruitment and retention in the workplace has shifted toward digitally native companies.
0:17 Our research reveals that talented digital employees at major agencies are defecting to tech companies.
0:23 Facebook and Google currently employ over 2,000 individuals who previously worked at WPP,
0:28 while WPP has only attracted 124 former Facebook or Google employees.
0:35 Most of them are student ambassadors or interns.
0:38 In sum, these are the people that interned at Google and didn't get jobs.
0:42 It takes approximately 60 WPP employees to do $10 million in business, versus only eight at Google -
0:49 allowing the tech company to treat its employees much better.
0:53 A loser: Snapchat, which Facebook is essentially cloning with a new camera-first interface design currently being tested in Ireland.
1:01 I'm convinced that Facebook is just going to release a product called Snapchat.
1:04 During Facebook's quarterly earnings call, Zuckerberg explained that Facebook now sees the camera as the future of how people share and communicate.
1:12 Sound familiar?
1:14 "We believe a camera will be the main way that we share."
1:17 "Snapchat is a camera company. It's not a social company. It's a camera company."
1:22 Facebook has already borrowed Snapchat's good ideas six or seven times.
1:26 We stand by our prediction. Snapchat will lose value in 2017 at the hands of the most agile, impressive company in the world: Facebook.
1:36 Losers: pollsters.
1:38 It's as if pollsters and my marketing colleagues didn't get the memo that in a digital age surveys are obsolete, as you can measure everything.
1:45 Just look at Amazon.
1:46 These were the top 10 best-selling items on the platform after the results were announced.
1:51 Three of them are Trump T-shirts and hats.
1:54 However, two are passport holders. They earned spots on the retailer's Movers and Shakers list.
2:00 Let's be honest: the events of two weeks ago were deeply disturbing.
2:04 I'm of course referring to episode 5 of Westworld: Contrapasso.
2:08 We get it. The robots have a memory and they're about to go gangster.
2:11 Get on with it.
2:13 You know what that show needs? Yul Brynner.
2:16 What makes a badass? Your name - Yul.
2:20 My 11th son by my sixth wife I am going to name Yul.
2:24 I'm going to get off Exit 71 in Long Island, take him to the Ronkonkoma forest, hold him to the sky and pronounce to the gods:
2:31 Accept this wonderful male progeny
2:34 with his elegant feet and majestic penis.
2:38 His name is Yul.
2:41 Too much?...

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