Brynne Kennedy, CEO of Topia, Global Mobility Solutions (video)

Brynne Kennedy, CEO of Topia

Stanford Graduate School of Business video above published May 24, 2018: Topia (domain: topia.com) is a global mobility solution company that supports mobile employees around the world to help address the changing future of work, said Topia CEO Brynne Kennedy. The company is working with their customers to figure out out how to support employees given new technologies that are enabling an increasingly global workforce. "Teams need to form and un-form across borders quickly and repeatedly, and that situation is growing dramatically." During her visit to the Systems Leadership class on May 15, 2018, Kennedy discussed with Lecturer Robert Siegel how Topia will become strategic in helping companies manage their global teams and how Topia's software can be the infrastructure that helps manage this labor transformation.

Topia (formerly MOVE Guides and Polaris) provides global mobility management solutions to move and manage talent, enabling them to work everywhere. Headquarters: London & San Francisco

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