Micro Class on Laddering and Apple's Strategy on Privacy (video)

Prof G Micro Class: Laddering

L2inc.com video above published Jun 21, 2018: Laddering, from cigarette brands to Apple $AAPL, Scott Galloway says smart brands use this brand strategy to one-up their competition.

(00:04) Source: “Smoke Gets in Your Eyes,” Mad Men, July 2007. https://imdb.to/2yvu80O
(01:07) Source: Bush-Cheney ‘04, Inc. https://bit.ly/22TVORK
(02:24) Source: “Tim Cook Calls Privacy a ‘Fundamental Human Right’,” Bloomberg Markets and Finance, Jun 2018. https://bit.ly/2IbsC3n

00:01 how do you make your cigarettes we
00:04 breed insect repellent tobacco seeds
00:06 grow it cut it cure it toast it there
00:10 you got it there you go but everybody
00:15 else's tobacco is toasted ... no, everybody
00:17 else's tobacco is poisonous, Lucky
00:21 Strike's is toasted. Well gentlemen I
00:25 don't think I have to tell you what you
00:26 just witness here, I think you do ... In my
00:29 brand strategy course at NYU Stern we
00:31 talked about laddering and it's an
00:33 attempt to D position your competition
00:35 by saying we're this they're this and
00:37 then figuring out what attribute you
00:39 want to talk about that not only
00:40 reflects you in a positive light but
00:42 just as importantly D positions or shed
00:45 your competition in a negative light the
00:47 ultimate laddering and D positioning was
00:49 in 2004 when George Bush's campaign went
00:52 through a series of attributes and
00:53 settled in on that he was resolute even
00:56 when he was wrong he was resolute this
00:58 was the perfect deep positioning of
01:00 Senator Kerry who was seen as a
01:02 flip-flopper this is that ad that one
01:04 George Bush the presidency in which
01:07 direction would John Kerry lead Kerry
01:09 voted for the Iraq war opposed it
01:12 supported it and now opposes it again he
01:15 bragged about voting for the 87 billion
01:18 to support our troops before he voted
01:20 against it he voted for education reform
01:23 and now opposes it he claims he's
01:25 against increasing Medicare premiums but
01:28 voted five times to do so John Kerry
01:30 whichever
01:33 so what does apples key push in terms of
01:36 strategy and communications over the
01:37 last three months its 2d position and
01:40 ladder the rest of big tech the
01:42 Cupertino firm is on a PR tour to
01:44 convince people that unlike its big tech
01:46 brethren its concerned about your kids
01:48 the commonwealth and your privacy Tim
01:51 Cook's privacy is a basic human right
01:54 statement puts a finger squarely in the
01:56 eye of Facebook and Google and was
01:59 convenient because Apple hasn't been in
02:01 the business of collecting data it's a
02:03 little bit like Starbucks saying they're
02:05 worried about offshore drilling it's not
02:06 going to cost them anything to be
02:08 sanctimonious with other people's
02:10 decisions anyways it will be interesting
02:12 to see if Apple's position on privacy
02:15 holds when they start advertising in
02:18 their app ecosystem and their
02:19 advertisers demand the same data on the
02:21 audience they are paying for we see
02:24 privacy is a fundamental human right and
02:27 so to us it's right up there with some
02:31 of the other civil liberties that make
02:35 Americans what they are you as defines
02:38 us as Americans Apple also has said they
02:40 too are looking for a new headquarters [second campus]
02:42 but are not going to engage in a beauty
02:44 contest the results in a win-lose for
02:46 municipalities this is essentially
02:48 sticking their finger in the eye of you
02:50 guessed it Amazon saying hey guys we're
02:53 better than you finally Apple has built
02:55 the most addictive technology for kids
02:57 but at the recent Worldwide Developer
02:59 Conference what took center stage the
03:01 iPhone the home pod no the start with
03:04 safeguards for children's framed as
03:06 digital wellness which includes a
03:07 families page with educational material
03:10 for parents and a downtime app which
03:12 allows parents to put usage limits on
03:14 different installed apps Apple is
03:17 consciously uncoupling from the rest of
03:18 big tech it's a passive-aggressive sure
03:20 so is buying your wife an amazing
03:23 Mother's Day gift and while you're
03:25 saying with that gift I love you you're
03:27 my partner for life you might also be
03:28 saying your gift for Father's Day just
03:31 didn't cut it remember me the guy who
03:33 woke up in the middle of the night to
03:35 feed those little monsters so you could
03:37 head off to Goldman Sachs at 5:30 in the
03:38 morning and be a master of the universe
03:40 which by the way is pretty damn
03:41 emasculating well it's time you stepped
03:43 up with a great gift for
03:45 big dog ruff we'll see you next week I
03:51 can't believe people actually watch that
03:53 stuff
03:55 [Music] Song: “I Woof You” by Heiakim https://bit.ly/2IeAp0A

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